The Extraordinary Hypocrisy of Monotheistic Leaders

_105475518_mediaitem105475514There was news today that the Catholic Pope Francis met with the Sunni Grand Imam Ahmed of Egypt. The latter called the Christians “our companions” and urged the Muslims of the Middle East to “embrace” Christians in their communities. Then the two leaders proceeded to sign a “Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together” wherein it is stated that “God, the Almighty, has no need to be defended by anyone and does not want His name to be used to terrorize people”. Another passage within the magnificently titled document goes on to state the following: “[Let us] intervene at the earliest opportunity to stop the shedding of innocent blood and bring an end to wars, conflicts, environmental decay and the moral and cultural decline the world is presently experiencing”.

When I heard the news, I couldn’t help but scoff with disgust at the hypocrisy of these leaders who pompously believe themselves to be responsible spiritually for millions of people and who actually believe they are doing great good by this conveying this ludicrous and inane message. Surely it would be far more effective and *honest* for these two leaders, if they truly wish to eradicate the problem, to go straight to the heart of the matter. The Document is absolutely worthless unless it were to state clearly (and “at the earliest opportunity”) that it was an error for people to be misguided all these years into thinking that “God, the Almighty…who does not want His name to be used to terrorize people” would be punishing by *eternal damnation and hellfire* those who don’t wish to follow him or follow those spiritual leaders who claim such a thing, and claim it even against one another. Once this is done, the world will be a far better place, devoid of devilish jihads and crusades. But this is obviously to much to hope for, because the world is infected by the cancerous idea of monotheism and the cancerous ambition of those who can’t be called by any other name except that which also applied to their predecessors and founders: spiritual imperialists.

This ailing world needs more polytheism and more polytheists…

7 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Hypocrisy of Monotheistic Leaders

    1. Melas the Hellene Post author

      Thanks. I thought the statement was beneficial too, until I reflected on it a little. I didn’t even mention the growing hatred between the Sunnis and Shiites who apparently were not present at the meeting. And what about all those verses in the Koran (and Bible) advocating violence against those who seemingly disobey “God Almighty” and follow the “Devil”? More hypocrisy…

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      1. jim-

        It’s essentially a set of Jim Crow laws designed to set one group over another. It works well for that purpose. Nowhere but belief does this to a person. Belief—what a strange thing to be defending.

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      2. Melas the Hellene Post author

        Monotheistic fanaticism can be by far worse than Jim Crow laws because it not only advocates segregation but also killing wholesale (hence jihad and crusade) of those who seemingly stand in the way of one group’s domination and the propagation of their absolute beliefs. We can see that with many Palestinians who accuse Israel of “Apartheid” but are often (secretly or openly) totally anti-Jewish either way and would not intermarry with them (unless they convert to Islam, certainly). And although I emphasize fanaticism, I don’t think it helps much that anyone would call himself a “moderate monotheist” as if to escape all blame, considering that there are so many tenets in monotheism that make such a term an absolute oxymoron that is equivalent to “bad monotheist”. Why? Because a truly moderate monotheist must only be a henotheist, i.e. someone who accepts that other Gods exist (or other *valid* paths, if needs be) while choosing to adhere only to one. They got a Muslim on air once who called himself moderate, but when he was asked about “Sharia” (which includes stoning for adultery, amputation for theft and killing for apostacy) he said he believed in it because it was the Koran’s law…

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    1. K

      I have seen some in pagan circles who have lingering sympathy for the Catholic Church due to its theft from older traditions, its pseudo-polytheism(Mary worship in particular) and idolatry. The only regard I have for it is a source to trace back some older thinking, other than that I hope it falls.

      If they do away with hellfire and damnation their whole business will fall apart. They don’t care about the problems they listed. The spread of Abrahamism and all the problems they listed(and others I would list) are related and are all part of a general decline. There are traditionalists and fundamentalists around that would denounce even this latest gesture of their leaders for being ecumenism, perennialism, and heresy. There is a whole line of Christian thinking that sees anything like that(toleration, renouncing exclusivism) as a sign of the “one world religion” imposed by the Satan/Antichrist before the (soon to come) end of the world. Not actually in the Bible, but there is a Christian equivalent of the Talmud where they pull all sorts of things from. I know that many Muslims denounce this view, with the same idea that there is a goal to found a one world religion to replace Islam. That is practically a built in defense mechanism against any encroachment of tolerance. Both, of course, want a one world government and one world religion, just run by them, or rather their specific sect.

      If you do not know this blog, this will be interesting for you. This Hindu has the right of it. All the Abrahamic religions and their secular spawn Marxism despise any heathens and constantly work to subvert and destroy, even setting aside their hatred of each other to do so.

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