Two points

First, I will be combining film commentary in matching pairs, for the sake of shortening this coming series. I have many more posts in mind, but I prefer posting in order. So, next post will cover both The Egyptian 1954 and Pharaoh 1966. In some cases, I may skip over certain films.

The second point has concerns this mid-term election. I can see it is very hot because there have been many advertisements (all negative, obviously) and volunteers have been at my door several times, including today. Well, I thought to make it known here as I told one of them that I won’t be voting, and here is my quick explanation:

1- I am tired of political dualism between two parties. Both parties have good points to make, but likewise they are almost equally guilty of creating the same diseases everyone is complaining about without agreeing upon. While incidentally I think the Republicans deserve losing the majority at this time, it won’t apocalyptically solve all problems–on the contrary, it will only aggravate them.

2- For me, worthy participation in a real “democracy” means voting for a mayor or for local policy. Electing these high positions such as governor or president or even representatives means nothing. And in any case, I was never fond of a republic, especially an imperial one modelled on the Roman system. I can only smile (and laugh sometimes) at those who call this way of thinking “backward regionalism”.

3- The “United States” is a declining empire that can’t be saved by elections. Radical movements have arisen and won’t go away for the time being. I have learned about and traced all the problems of America back thousands of years, and now the consequences are not difficult to foresee. It’s rather useless now to participate, and so I’ll be a spectator.

4- I think a moral objection to the whole concept of this country in itself (without reference to the particular elements it subjugates or falsely represents) is developing within my indigenous mind.

5- I have the odd, but justifiable conviction that small, traditional monarchies like Bhutan are the only ones worth fighting for. I do care for the peoples of this country, but I wouldn’t fight for the country in itself.

4 thoughts on “Two points

  1. Paul

    People hope for a candidate that will come along, solve all of their problems, and they can go on living without having to do anything more than cast a ballot. Personally, I would like to see both parties dissolve into oblivion. The Democrats have degenerated into a pack of vicious, howling anti-whites and the Republicans have enough problems that I cannot vote for them in good conscience, either. At any rate, worry over Europe is what keeps me up anights. North America is doomed regardless of politics, the Yellowstone caldera and rising sea levels will eventually lay claim to huge areas of the continent and I don’t plan on myself or my future descendants being nearby.

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    1. Melas the Hellene Post author

      Ha! Oblivion is too much to hope for, although both sides may come to blows. I follow the news daily and I think a serious fragmentation (with violence) can’t be prevented except by a foreign war, or domestic tyranny. A destruction of the two parties and a formation of new ones (several like the European models) would be best, but too ideal.

      In any case, I would say the deepest problems America has is its imperialism, its capitalism and its ethnic/cultural divisions, the last of which is probably the most dangerous & virulent. The educated Democrats aren’t against “white people” per se, but rather against “whiteness” as a concept. But then separating the two is very hard, especially for the masses… I think there is hope only for polytheists, who can embrace indigenism fully (including for natives) and take a distance from the madness, perhaps giving rise to a new movement and spreading inspiration. I’ll be settling in Greece as soon as I am able in means. There seems to be a hint towards the end of what you say that you are interested in settling in Europe. Is that really your intention? 🙂

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  2. Paul

    I agree with you there. I really don’t see any peaceful solution or future any time soon, and we’ve already witnessed people willing to become violent. I think it’s only going to become worse. But times have never been easy, have they? I pray for peace.

    As for returning to Europe, yes, it’s always been something that I have wished to do and kept in mind, although the demographic and political situations aren’t any better there by any means, but all is not lost despite what some will say. I’ve tried to stay out of debt with that goal in mind and have only begun my thirties, and I’m fortunate in that on my mother’s side we’ve never been terribly far removed. My mother still talks about being a young girl and my grandfather’s two Parisian aunts advising her on manners and etiquette and being mortified that she would think of leaving the house without a hat on her head! 😁

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    1. Melas the Hellene Post author

      Excellent! I am pursuing a similar course where I am avoiding debt totally and saving carefully in order to go to Greece as soon as can be. Stay clear of cities and you’ll have no trouble, my friend, because that is the real re-indigenization 😉

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